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    24 May Weekend

    Good weekend for potters a/c lads with 68 rainbows from boat, bank ...

Loch Fad

Welcome to Loch Fad

Loch Fad (Rainbow and Brown Trout) – 175 acres, the ‘long loch’ is situated on the lovely Island of Bute off the west coast of Scotland and lies directly along the Highland fault line. It is classified byScottish Natural Heritage as a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) for its scenic beauty and its huge […]

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24 May Weekend

Good weekend for potters a/c lads with 68 rainbows from boat, bank and the new jetty’s (best fish 7lb 4oz) Lewis Poole and Andy McDonald having a good day at Barnauld burn with 15 pike on mixed dead baits, Stewart Reynolds had 5 rainbows on west shore jetty’s, Kenny whitehead with 9 rainbows from the […]

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17 May Weekend

Loch fad has been very productive this week from boats and from the bank all over the loch. Best catches went to Mr Lightbody with 24 rainbows from the boat on a floating line and black and green viva and buzzers. Mr Knox with 15 rainbows in the boat on floating lines on black/ green […]

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Jazz Weekend

Loch Fad is now attracting new anglers and clubs with all things looking very positive.  We also have had the pleasure of an Osprey visiting fad for a free meal on more than one occasion, as well as a white tailed eagle. Water quality is very clear with plenty of fly life to attract rising […]

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Jim Smith Memorial trip

Wee day out for Jim Smith’s memorial at Loch Fad.  The lads had a great day with plenty of fish caught and returned. They stayed overnight in Loch Fad’s self catering flats, had a few beers in the local pubs, and a fish supper to finish the day. Well Done John for catching biggest fish […]

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12th April

Loch Fad is now producing great bags for bank anglers. Connor John Malcolm fishing old jetty with his dad had 7 fish around 2lb plus. Jim Coxford, Lee and Harry fishing for 6 days had 70 fish for their holiday. The Harthill lads outing produced 50 rainbows for their short visit before heading to the […]

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Easter Weekend

This weekend best catches went to Keith Baxter and grandson with 7 Rainbows on bait for 14lb 8 oz on first visit and 8 rainbows on 2nd visit for 16lbs. Gordon Newlands on boat had 9 rainbows on black and green lures and intermediate lines from top end of fad and dam wall. Clelland angling […]

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2nd April

Some nice fish caught by the dow lads who visited this week , well done lads you done fine due to the weather 33in total for you days on the boat and bank. Local angler john Mcinairnie fished today and had 8 rainbows on small black buzers at boathouse bay, and Mr Christie had 5 […]

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The weekend of 28th-29th

Visitors to Loch Fad had a few rainbows to take home. Best catches today were the rainbow warriors who had 51 fish. The best rainbow caught weighed 9lbs 4oz. All fish were caught on sinking lines, green pea fly, orange blob, and black and green fritz from dam wall and Visitors to fad had a […]

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