Great day at fad for Willie Baxter on fly from the Jetty’s, 12 rainbows with 8 returned on a bunny leech and hot head Fritz, Jimmy , Harry and Lee had 8 Rainbows from the bank along left the shore.
The Loch water is very clear with plenty of rising rainbows along the shores feeding on buzzer hatches.
Loch Fad is still producing good returns. Catches as follows, Jimmy Coxford , Lee and Harry finished their week at Boathouse bay with another 15 to take their tally to 54 for the week on Bait. Keith Baxter, Eddie Travis and Kian had at least 40 rainbows on Bait from the left shore. Lilly bank angling club had 30 rainbows for 70 lbs on bait, spinning and fly from left shore and jetties, Mike Spear had 6 rainbows on fly.John Syme and Paul Mcmillan had some quality pike from the boat at the south end. . Stewart McMath and Andy McGregor managed some small Jacks for their visit today.