Loch Fad will open for Rainbow Trout fishing on the 1st feb 2015.

backgroundWe have monitored loch fad for more than a year with positive results , and would now welcome pike anglers to come and fish the loch over the winter months to establish what the loch has to offer in the coarse angling I would like to collect information to find out more about the pike in the fad and build up a portfolio for the future. To do this I ask all pike caught to be photographed and a weights recorded. At the loch I will supply landing nets and unhooking mats and there will be scales available for use on site. There will be rod restrictions in place. As well as other information on site for all anglers. Loch fad will start this project from the 15th of November. I will be arranging some trout monitoring days in the future and will inform anglers when this will happen

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patience and support.
For more info and bookings contact loch Fad
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