Loch Quien

Loch Quien is catch and release only and has wild and stocked Brown Trout and is a low lying fertile loch which can produce lovely fish, but can be a real challenge. It is easily accessible and is quiet and beautiful. Fishing is strictly Fly Only and there are 4 boats on the loch, without outboards, as the fish are easily spooked. At around 90 acres it has good areas of shallow water for wading. Loch Quien fishes better early morning or late evening with traditional flies and nymphs. If the fishing’s slow, large black flies can at times pull a good fish or two and flies like Greenwells, Dunkeld, Blue Zulu, Olive Woolyworm, Pheasant Tail Nymph and Hoppers in Orange or Black are worth trying.

Day tickets are £14 and are available from the Loch Fad Office and also from Bute Angling & Outdoors, the fishing shop located on Albert Place in Rothesay just opposite the ferry terminal. There are 5 boats available for hire at £7 per day..